17 December 2016

UMS: Bon ODORI 17/12/2016 & finance Training


Today has been fruitful and full of new experiences.

Last night I stayed back in my office till 8pm to complete my training materials. It is the first time that I am conducting a 4 hour technical training. After completing my slides I went home and continued to check up on my questionnaires. I had one question which did not sound right. I re-did it and had to re-print for my colleagues.
The next morning I sort of woke up late. I actually got up at 4:30am but went back to sleep only to wake up again at 6am!
When I arrived at the office it was already 7am and I had to quickly set up the training room, my notes and the questionnaires.
The training went on smoothly and there were a few times I had to stop to drink water. Who knew a 4 hour training session could be so exhausting for my throat! I am glad that the feedback for the training was good but every time I looked to the back and saw my superior smirking I kept getting nervous. haha. I have huge regard for her so it was like being a teacher under the watchful eye of a great master.... Sort of.
So right after my training I evaluated their questionnaires and emailed out my thanks for their attention during the training.
Upon returning home I had a slight headache and had to go to sleep. Results from an entire day of nerves and late night preparations.
I woke up at 6pm and had to rush to wear my yukata because I made plans with my sister Rhubaica to join UMS Bon Odori.

The event was so much fun! They had a japanese tea ceremony that I wanted to join but was too shy to. Maybe next time. They also had aikido, kendo and kempo performances. There was also a cool band performance by some japanese auntie and uncles called JAM. The japanese club even put on a senbonzakura performance which was cool.
Lastly we joined the bon dance which was SO MUCH FUN! Going round the stage in simple steps was enjoyable. Baica was disappointed there were no mochi's for sale but I did suggest perhaps next year we could open a booth! haha. I could make tori katsu sandwich, onigiri balls, gyoza and mochi! Maybe also sell my own drawings and clear out old manga magazines. Perhaps.
The event was until 11pm but we had to go home earlier because the university is quite a distance from my house.
Overall it was such an enjoyable day. I feel really blessed this month. So much fun, good news from IATSS, visiting my loved ones in KL and among other good things.
Alhamdulillah for everything. The sad thing is even though I am here enjoying life there are still people around the world that are not as lucky. Aleppo and Rohingya's I pray you could one day achieve peace. I would never imagine the pain they go through.

To end my post as usual I give thanks to Allah for another day He gave to me. Alhamdulillah

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